Top E-Commerce News Sources for Success

Five Reliable Sources for E-Commerce News

Keeping up with industry news is essential to a successful business. However, identifying reliable sources can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several strategies that can help you stay informed.

One option is to subscribe to a daily newsletter. These newsletters provide stats, news and trends to keep you updated on the latest developments in the ecommerce world.

Social Media Today

Social media is a powerful technology that vastly impacts our ability to communicate, access news and make decisions. At its best, it makes the world more interconnected and at worst, it creates polarization and has harmful psychological effects.

In terms of news consumption trends, the top players remain unchanged, with Facebook, YouTube and TikTok leading the way. Other apps like Instagram and X platform have been gaining ground rapidly.


Buffer is a social media management tool that lets users link up multiple accounts and schedule posts to them. The software also helps with other aspects of marketing, such as analysis and engagement.

A free plan is available, but it’s not the most comprehensive (it accommodates one user and three social channels with ten scheduled posts). There are plans to pay monthly or annually.

Moz Blog

Moz is a software-as-a-service company that helps companies improve their online marketing. Its products include tools for search engine optimization, content marketing, and link building.

Its blog covers SEO trends and provides tips for marketers. It also explains how to improve online traffic and convert visitors into customers. The blog also features articles on conversion rate optimization (CRO). Unlike its legacy tool OSE, the new Moz DA tool is faster and has upgraded metrics.

Media Post

For more than 30 years, Media Post has been the definitive source for media industry news. They provide news, analysis and insight to reach more media professionals than any other publisher. Wayne heads up the company’s television and entertainment industry coverage, as well as a wide range of other media, advertising and digital issues. He is an expert in the coverage of advertising agencies and routinely breaks news on account changes, key industry hires, etc.


eMarketer is a market research company focused on digital marketing, media, and commerce. Founded in 1996, it is headquartered at 11 Times Square in New York City.

Now called Insider Intelligence, the formerly-eMarketer brand focuses on consumer shopping, buying, and spending behavior. It offers a variety of resources including data-driven reports, market research, and industry news. Its products include eMarketer Daily, Retail Daily and eMarketer FYI.

Lean Luxe

Lean Luxe covers new luxury brands and the broader trends that define modern commerce. Its editor-in-chief Paul Munford runs one of the most coveted VIP Slack groups, with thousands on its wait list to get in.

He says he picks members by the way they think, not their professional titles or job roles. He compares the process to getting past a velvet rope into a club.

Emily Singer’s Chips + Dips

Emily Singer, a content marketer by day and DTC brand advocate at night, shares her favorites in this weekly newsletter. Her eye for brands with “soul” and unique activations shines through in this digest that mixes industry news with heartfelt commentary.

Lean Luxe straddles the merchandising and culture Venn diagram, rigorously defining modern luxury while covering the businesses at its forefront. Its original reporting and curated news make this one worth a look.

Full Court Press

Full Court Press is a company that sells basketball equipment and apparel. Its products include basketball shoes, jerseys, and accessories. The company uses a variety of marketing strategies to promote its products. It also sponsors a number of high school and college teams. Its founder is an experienced businesswoman. She is a fan of the sport of basketball.

The term full-court press comes from the sport of basketball. It means putting an aggressive defense on someone.

Retail Brew

Morning Brew launched Retail Brew, a new vertical targeting those in the retail and ecommerce space. It uses the same tone, format and design as its core newsletters to educate readers about the industry.

The company also has a few podcasts, such as Business Casual. This show features interviews with entrepreneurs and covers trendy topics. For example, in a recent episode, they talked to the founder of clothing marketplace Toward about Gen Z shoppers.

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