Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Let’s Be Well Diabetes Box?
The only curated lifestyle and wellness box featuring products and access to information that can help people manage their diabetes.

How much does it cost?
The box will be selling at $49.99 with free shipping.

Who are the ADA and AARP and why have they created this box?
AARP and The American Diabetes Association (ADA) are two organizations whose goal is to help others turn dreams into real possibilities and help families fight issues that matter most - this includes helping people affected by diabetes. They have the resources and knowledge to help not only create a box with beneficial products and information but provide a community where people with diabetes feel supported and encouraged to live a life they love.

How will this help me or a loved one?
The products in the box were carefully selected to help with healthy eating and portion control, exercising, staying hydrated, managing glucose levels, and providing helpful information on managing diabetes. Instead of searching the internet or multiple stores to find products and information that can help, we created a product where everything is in one place.

Can you only get the box online?
Yes, the only place to buy The Let’s Be Well Box is on

What is the retail value of the box?
For all eight products that we provide, the retail value is over $75.

Can I reorder products?
Not yet, but very soon! We are working hard to make it so you can reorder any of the products in the box. More details to come.

Can I reorder the entire box?
Of Course!

Can I do bulk orders?
Yes! We offer a bulk discount for persons and organizations interested in buying 10+ boxes. Please reach out to us at to get more details. We are happy to work with you.

How are the products selected?
All products have been recommended and approved by the ADA and AARP along with certified dietitians and health professionals.

How do I request a refund? 
We are happy to issue you a refund if you are dissatisfied with the box or the products contained within. Please contact us at to request a refund. 

Still need help? Have feedback on products? Contact us at