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As trusted experts, AARP and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) have collaborated to inspire, encourage, and support the over 30 million Americans living with diabetes. Research has shown that the key to managing chronic conditions is empowering people to take care of themselves - on their own terms.

Whether you select the Regular or Plus versions, the Let’s Be Well Diabetes Box provides expertly curated products and information that empower recipients to take the first small steps towards living a healthier life.

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"This is the tool I wish I had when I first started managing my diabetes. If I could do it all over again (and this existed) I would consider this a great resource to start with."

Mila B.

"The box gave me an opportunity to encourage and help her as a friend, and it felt great to bring this gift to her."

Pamela A.

  • Understanding Diabetes

    Diabetes is a condition that causes your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, to rise higher than normal. When you eat, your body breaks many foods down into glucose during digestion. Insulin then helps move the glucose from the blood into your cells to be used for energy. With type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, your body doesn’t make enough insulin, can’t use the insulin it does make, or both. Over time, having too much glucose in your blood can lead to health issues such as nerve damage, kidney or eye problems, heart disease, and stroke. Living a long and healthy life with diabetes is possible with appropriate lifestyle modifications. Treatment may include meal planning, increased physical activity, oral medications, and insulin.

  • Eating Well

    Part of diabetes management is eating well, but this doesn’t mean you have to feel deprived of your favorite foods. Creating a balanced meal plan that fits into your daily routine is key. With the right portion sizes, people with diabetes can eat foods from all of the important food groups: vegetables, fruit, dairy, grains, meat, and meat substitutes. Once you get the hang of eating healthy, you’ll find a variety of delicious meals and snacks to choose from. Small tweaks to your eating plan can help you manage your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

  • Staying Active

    Adding physical activity to your weekly routine not only helps you feel good overall, but can also help manage diabetes. During exercise, your cells take glucose out of the blood. Staying active can lower your blood glucose for 24 hours or more after a workout by making your body more sensitive to insulin. The overall effect on your blood glucose will depend on various factors, including the length of activity. Try aerobic activities, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, strength training with resistance bands, or flexibility training through various stretches.

Let's Be Well

Let’s Be Well is a symbol of a new beginning, a roadmap to help take back your health and your life. When you open this box we want you to feel inspired to become the best version of you. It starts with one small step. Let's take it together.